The #1 Craigslist Application on Android

Hello There!

Here at Trixiesoft we love deals and Craigslist is one of the best places to find a deal out there, period...But it doesn't have the best website or mobile view. --Enter Postings stage left-- So we went ahead and made our own. Postings strives to be the best craigslist application on the market.

So we hope you enjoy our little Craigslist app written and designed by craigslist addicts for Craigslist addicts.

Search Multiple Locations

Multiple Layouts

Save Your Favorites

Just Download and Go

It's so simple we can outline it in 3 easy to follow steps!

  • Step 1: Go the Google Play Store
  • Step 2: Download Postings
  • Step 3: Find those deals!

Seriously it's that simple. You won't need to create an account, just select what locations you want and tell it what you're looking for. That's it, clean and simple.

We want you spending time finding the items you want, so we try to get out of the way and make it happen. Cheers and happy hunting!

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