How To Link Smart Phone with Smart TV – Primevideo/mytv

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In this blog, you will get to know how you can log in to your amazon prime account via primevideo/mytv. So, if you have a smartphone and you can easily access to a smartphone and want to easily connect with the account of amazon prime with your smart tv. Then, this blog is for you since reading this will give you easy guidelines on how you can access the primevideo/mytv.

Easier Way To Login Into Primevideo/mytv…

You must have watched several tutorials on how to get the same account logged in to your smart tv. However, none of the videos were helpful because when I purchased my smart tv, I instantly got to the internet to learn this procedure. None of the videos or any content was easily understandable or useful to me thus, I decided to write a review on how you can open the same account on both of your devices. It’s really easy, all you need to do is to follow the steps on your smartphone.

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Steps To Follow:

  • Once you click on the amazon prime application on your smart tv that could be right next to the YouTube app or may vary from television to television.
  • As you click on the app, it will give show you primevideo/mytv written on it. But you don’t have to browse directly on your smart tv.
  • However, what you have got to do is that you need to simply search primevideo/mytv into your smartphone’s browser.
  • Click on the first link that you get on a search engine. Then on the same page of amazon prime video, you will see the login option on the top right of your smartphone’s interface.
  • Then, try signing in to your account that you also want to be opened into your smart device.
  • Enter your credentials and successfully log in to your amazon prime account on your smartphone browser. You can watch as many videos from here as you may want. But our ultimate goal is to make sure that you have the same account logged into your smart tv as well.
  • For that, you need to browse the website
  • As you enter this website, you will be asked to register a device. Here you will be given an empty field a with similar code that you are able to see on your smart tv.
  • Enter this smart tv login code, to register the device into your smartphone browser (particularly chrome).
  • You are now successfully able to register your smart tv device into your smartphone.
  • This will give you automatic access to your tv and you are able to log into the same account that is on your smartphone, on your smart device.
  • Enjoy watching your favorite prime videos, shows, movies, series, and much more… 

Also, you can log out from the tv and search for your aspired movie on the same smart tv since it has all the access and control linked to your smart device. A little tricky but pretty easy, wasn’t it? Try it out today…