Disney Plus- A Good Old Childhood Friend

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When the pandemic happened and we all had to stay home, we had nothing to do but stay home, scroll our phone, chat with our friends and maybe binge-watch. After the first few days, I started to get bored, and sitting home started to get on my nerves. I was doing nothing but staying bored all the time and it started making me feel sick. Then I started asking my friends around about what they have been up to and what they have been doing in their free time. Then I got to know disneyplus.com/begin.

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A lot of friends suggested I get Prime or Netflix but I already had those and I was tired of it, to be honest. Then one day while I was talking with an old friend, she told me about what she has been up to and we recalled how we enjoyed watching Disney movies together, and how we enjoyed our trip together to Disneyland Paris. And then she told me about getting an account for Disney Plus. At first, I shrugged off her idea by telling her how stupid and childish it was, and then she asked me to look on the web and search how amazing it is. It is then that I activated my account through disneyplus.com/begin

Disney Plus is an online streaming service and it has such a good collection of movies and shows. You can also watch all the classics of Disney as well as all the latest movies and shows. Besides, it is not only limited to Disney Movies but if you are a fan of Marvel, you can also get to watch it. Along with Marvel Disney Plus has access to several movies from different production houses.

As I did not have an account so I registered first on my laptop with my email address and billing details and then I created an account. To activate it I got an activation code which I saved on another tab I entered disneyplus.com/activate and entered the activation code.

Once I entered the activation code, my account was activated through disneyplus.com/begin and I linked my Smart TV with the account.

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Ever since then I have re-watched all the movies from my childhood and relived my childhood again. I have always said to people that Disney movies were such an amazing influence on me. I have always learned my life lessons from these movies. When I watched the movie, Bambi, I still remember a dialogue from it “If you cannot say anything nice, then it’s better to not say anything at all”. Also, when I watched The Lion King movie, I remember I learned such great lessons for instance “You can either run from the past or learn from the past”.

If you too want to relive the good old days of Disney then register your account now and activate your account through disneyplus.com/begin and enjoy unlimited access to all the movies.