Peloton Bike – The Best Exercise Bike For You …

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Like most people, you may come across a desirable exercise bike only to realize that it is built for folks who weigh much more than you do. Disappointing? Well, it doesn’t have to be so because now you find a bike that from our list that includes best exercise bikes under 300 dollars under every weigh category. If you wish, you can also visit TheBikersRide so that you may get more options to pick and choose the most desirable bike for you.

In this blog you are going to learn more about the king of indoor cycling i.e., Peloton bike cycle which is the best exercise bikes for you. Visit this site it’s like a complete package, with automatic adjusting resistance, digital magnetic resistance, the drive paddle feels amazing.

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Pros of Peloton Exercise Bike: 

Moreover, you get this absolutely beautiful rotating LCD with an awesome speaker system with all of the features right in front of your screen. It has all the basic and advanced settings that you need in order to keep check of your fitness such as heartbeat, distance, time, speed, level, etc.

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This bike is smooth, robust and is nearly dumb enough to make any noise that may help you to exercise at night even if everyone in the house is sleeping. Isn’t it great? Try it out now. Know more about the best exercise bikes under 500 at 

Cons of Peloton Exercise Bike: 

However, the real question is that why doesn’t everybody just get the Peloton bike for their indoor fitness or exercise? This is maybe because there are a few cons that can be overlooked if the pros of this bike are matter more for you than any other.

You already probably know that the Peloton bike costs more than 100 dollars to you which is quite expensive for most of the people. Also, if you are planning to go for Peloton Plus exercise bike then you will have to pay much more money for this one.

On top of that, when you get the Peloton bike, you’ll have to get their membership on which can cost you up to $39 per month. Since, their membership slows you to watch several shows online which are not available elsewhere. The cost is one of the major draw-back of these bikes and that is why mostly people drop the decision to choose it.

Another reason is that the bike handlebars do not have forward and backward adjustability like any other exercise bike under 500 would have. However, you’ll have to hold the handles in the similar manner the whole time which cand definitely give you a hard time.

Another major drawback to the Peloton bike is their delivery-time which takes way too long to deliver at your doorsteps. Additionally, there are no other major drawbacks except these but if you look a t all the good stuff that it has within. You will surely drop the choice to buy any other bike but only this Peloton one.